Your Trial


 “Your trial isn’t just a rehearsal; it’s the time to start feeling like a bride-to-be.”

A bridal trial is such an exciting time for every client. It’s your chance to talk through your favourite styles, discuss your dress and tell us about your wedding theme, giving us all the tools we need to bring exact replica rolex day date mens 40mm 228238 watch silver diagonal dial your vision to life. If you’ve been searching for inspiration on Pinterest or flicking through bridal magazines, bring along your print outs and cut outs so we can see exactly what makes you tick.

We advise wearing a light colour, or one similar to your dress, in order to give you an idea of how your hair and make up will appear on the day, and we will also provide hair accessories and a veil.

When your hair and make up have been perfected, we will also take pictures. This is both so that you can remind yourself of how beautiful you look and we can vape tank recreate the look perfectly on the day. Flash photography also enables you to see how you will look in professional images.

Each trial lasts approximately one to two hours, and only ends when you are 100% happy with your styling.  

Trial Price List


Bridal Trial: £120

Bridal Make Up Only Trial: £60

Bridal Hair Only Trial: £60

Bridesmaid/Mothers Make Up Trial: £50

Bridesmaid/Mothers Hair Trial: £50